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"Steering the big wheel onto a sustainable course and onward to starry horizons"

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"Then the lightning struck our mast,
and re-aligned our broken  compass. 

Suddenly we found at last, passage out
of our unsustainable past."

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  With your support Americas Green Corps (AGC) will shield earth from global warming by working unify the Americas for the buildout of a renewable grid. Through this we create thousands of jobs that transform our foundation of aging energy infrastructure into a shield that alarms, protects, absorbs, and redirects storm energy to power progress. This will improve public safety & communications, secure clean water, power, and agricultural success across the Americas and beyond. 

As the copyrighted author of "Americas Green Reconstruction Plan" AGC is guiding research and developments for cooperative community projects. We are empowered by angels investors, tech developers, fundraisers, media agencies, industry sponsors, civil engineers, and policy makers, that align with our vision to adapt & evolve. The proprietary strategy developed by Americas Green Corps aims to improve public safety, fulfill "Paris Climate Accord" goals, and meet the demands of the 21st century.

"The technological keys to countering the rising tide reveals the pathway to humanities upward growth. Th
ere is always a silver lining!"

 Your contribution will help us get our art & science projects recognized and ready for construction.


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